Compilation - White (CD)


Compilation - White (CD) Yes, Tip Records is back!And what a great album to kick things off. Fresh start, new times..the 'White' album following in the classic shiva colour series. Here you have a rich mixture of tracks and tempos from our new stable of artists. Can you squeeze any more character on one cd? Get into the groove and Get Hip to Tip!
Get a dishwasher, throw in a variety of tracks, different sizes, mix em up, spin em round, different tempos, different countries but these are pumping, bum waggling, drool delights. Your radio never sounded so good, your cushions at home never so comfortable and the dancefloor never sweatier. This is a sliding, slippy tippy, feel good multi eargasmic tickler of the outer and inner limits. Its off the dial, number eleven on heavens amp! damn we feel good...these pieces are friends for life, music that will pinpoint a place in time while expanding with the future. These tracks should be collected and stored in a dry place, for moments, when chocolates and love just aren't enough...put it on, steal it, borrow it but all you have to do is lend your ears for a get a lot.


1. Everybody's gonna move their body - NUMANOID VS MAZDA 
2. Intoxicated - THE MELOVSKYS 
3. Throbbing Pistol - EAT STATIC 
4. Scrambled Eggs - LEGOBOX 
5. Cut the power - (Eclectric rmx)HUJABOY 
6. Attakk - DUOTEKK 
7. South Africa - LOGIC BOMB 
8. Roadrunner - TRANAN 
10. Albert Hoffman Tribute - 1200 MICROGRAMS