Compilation - Waveform Transmissions Volume Two (CD)


Compilation - Waveform Transmissions Volume Two (CD) Continuing adventures of our freshest compilation series Waveform Transmissions!A stimulating and heady journey through psychedelic chill and psy-ambient with a touch of dub influences that creates an intellectually introspective listening experience.
The second in our freshest series of Waveform various artist compilations from the record label that pioneered the ambient dub style of music with our best selling One, Two, Three and Four A.D. titles.

Ten mind expansive tracks - all from artists, from such diverse areas of the planet as Switzerland, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Germany and the UK. Including the best selling artists Sounds From the Ground and Pitch Black - recently heard on HBO's True Blood and network television's CSI:Miami.


1. Lali - PADDY FREE2. Wicked Flow - SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND3. Transient Transmission - PITCH BLACK4. Up in smoke - THIRD EAR AUDIO5. Wonderland - WARP TECHNIQUE6. I still know that I know - CAPSULA7. Quiet Please - INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER8. Why Me - HOEHLE9. Big Fish - (Winter mix)HANFSTENGEL AND YOYO10. Antaris - MASTER MARGHERITA