Compilation - Waldfreakquenz 3 (CD)


Compilation - Waldfreakquenz 3 (CD) Compiled by Dj ElekTrigger No need for too much introduction to Waldfrieden, as they have been throwing parties at their lushious forest hide away for over 15 years now and Waldreakquenz 3 is compiled by Waldfrieden's resident dj ElekTrigger, who literally grew up around the corner of this now famous venue.

His hand picked selection is keeping to the psytrance tradition, which Waldfrieden is known and loved for at their famous Wonderland Festival, their colourful on tour parties and at their annual summer opening - Hai in den Mai.

Waldfreakquenz 3 once again takes you on a psychedelic journey through the forest, with a magical and mystical meaning inside each and every track.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Aug. 2009/35


-  2. For Reality - PHILTER 

-  3. Third Step - LIGHTSPHERE 

-  4. Summer Morning - (Lumbago rmx)SMX 

-  5. Pure Feelings of Mind Expander - DIGITAL EFX 

-  6. Rest in Panic - (Connexx and Capowne rmx)DUALISM VS MEELOO 

-  7. Johnyboy - ZOETROPES 

-  8. First Move - NECMI FEAT. DJOANNA 

-  9. Your Love - THRIVE -