Compilation - Voltage Control (CD)


Compilation - Voltage Control (CD) Compiled by SolanoIono artists Solano have compiled an audible pleasure including nine powerful dance tracks from top trance artists of today as well as international highly talented newcomers.
Preparing for an energetic summer of trance and dance you can expect strong and mature dance tracks from most auspicious and leading countries of this genre.

Next to their arrangement of 'Voltage Control' Solano have also contributed an own production to give you a fortaste of their upcoming 3rd album. Filled with deep pushing basslines and exciting sound structures this compilation will come down like a warm sunbeam on your mind.

We are sure that 'Voltage Control' will find its way into the ears of every real electronic dance music addict.


1. One step back and 2 ahead - GAUDIUM 
2. Sense - FUNKY DRAGON 
3. Saturation - SOLANO 
4. Kamerad Schwungrad - DIGITAL DROP 
5. Warped Sunrise - NORMALIZE 
6. Present Pressure - GALACTIKA 
7. Welcome Home - SIDEFORM 
8. Equilibrium - E-CLIP 
9. Northern Breeze - SPHERA