Compilation - Vital Signs (CD)


Compilation - Vital Signs (CD) Concept and mix by Androcell.'Vital Signs' is a concept compilation comprised of tracks that were custom created for this project by renown artists such as Aes Dana, Asura, Solar Fields, Cell, Androcell, and Distant System. Each artist was carefully chosen and assigned a specific track title/theme to interpret the essence of their 'Vital Sign' through the sonic medium. Title assignments were based according to each artist's individual music style. Together, like the modular structure of sub-systems in the body, the tracks function as an interconnected unit which depend on each other to complete the whole. Each 'Vital Sign' serving as a reminder that these systems are operating and we are alive.
Be prepared to hear something really refreshing! You will discover the newcomers on the scene, such as The Exmos (duo project of M.M.C. and Xaos) and MushroomJet (killer darkpsy, side project of M.M.C.); and find tunes from well-known Russian musicians too. We can't be silent about the absolutely fantastic artwork, which was made exclusively for this CD by famous Russian designer Kurt 'Artoftrash', don't miss the original!

Let the wildest trip begin!


2. 3,14zDoze - SELECT PROJECT 
3. Micromil I Gigatsian - M.M.C. 
4. Drum and Psy - MIND EXPLORER 
5. Dark Express - HYPNOTIC MUSHROOM 
6. Sick In Space - THE EXMOS 
8. Dlib'ergs's Fucku - INSHIZZO AND XAOS 
9. Epoz Jimmi - LIQUEDATOR


1. Atmos-spheres - (Human mix)ANDROCELL 
2. Vital Signs - ANDROCELL 
3. Body Temperature - CELL 
4. Blood Pressure - ASURA 
5. Pulse Rate - AES DANA 
6. Pupillary Response - DISTANT SYSTEM 
7. Respiratory Rate - SOLAR FIELDS 
8. Neurosomatic Circuit - (Brain Waves mix)ANDROCELL