Compilation - Virtual Chronicles (CD)


Compilation - Virtual Chronicles (CD) This Hybrid collaboration Album, presented as a various artists Compilation assembled by Dj Salva (1/2 of the new French super group Crying Freemen), breaks down all barriers between the genres of psychedelic goa trance. Firmly rooted in all thats groovy we are treated to 11 exceptional musical compositions carefully crafted by Salva at any one of his 4 studios he works in.
The result is nothing short of a stellar lifes work achievement for Salva aka Kinesis for what he has created is a marvel of cinematic, emotional, sincerely touching melodic balads that each harmonically weave together, balanced in every way. What listeners and dancers alike have experessed is a feeling of floating away to a magical dimension where all their cares and thoughts are happily enhanced by the deep hypnotic notes of each song.

As a whole the composition stands on its own as an album of high quality and strong concept. As a collection of tracks djs will find that its a veritable tool chest of various styles of psytrance from feel good magical ambient through electro progressive and on to slow and funky full on then taking a step up to anthemic morning goa then back to progressive and deep trance to close with more spacey mentally awakening chill out.

Each track fits together like a magical tapestry woven and carefully blended together into a continuous flowing mystical voyage through all that is virtual and back to the real world begging to go back on the fun filled memorable ride all over again. The music is easy going and straight forward enough to appeal to all fans of electronica while having many deep psychedelic layers that will keep even the most discerning and selective customers praising these stunning results!

Listen for yourself, you will feel what we are communicating in the first few harmonious moments...

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Echo System - Northern Lights
2. Particles - Crystal Network
3. Elements - Crystal Network
4. Global Warning - Kinesis
5. Symbols Are A Language - Crystal Network
6. Memories - Kinesis
7. Virtual Chronicles - Kinesis
8. I Have A Dream - Crying Freemen
9. Defending Freedom - Kinesis, Audiobrain
10. Relax - Northern Lights
11. Out - Northern Lights