Compilation - Villa Mercedes Ibiza Lounge (CD)


Compilation - Villa Mercedes Ibiza Lounge (CD) A beautiful musical voyage through lounge and ethnic vibes mixed by Swann (from Elea). Close your eyes, listen and let yourself be carried away. With 'feng shui' gardens magnificently decorated, and shady terrace offering a panoramic view of the bay of San Antonio, the restaurant 'Villa Mercedes' has become one of the emblematic spots for lounge music in Ibiza.
Every evening, a live music performance accompanies your dinner, immersing you in the gentle pleasures of Balearic Island life

Style: Ambient
Released: Oct. 2008/43

1. La Melody (Don Peyote Rmx) - Ben Le Bordais
2. Immigrant (Kv5 Rmx) - Nitin Sawhney
3. Midnight - Afterlife
4. Thumbnails - Morcheeba
5. Trip'n - Mantis
6. A Drop In The Ocean - Lenny Ibizarre
7. Holi - Audio Shaman
8. Zen - Isaak Hypnotizer
9. Paisley Faces (Vedra Rmx) - Elea
10. Playa Mitjorn - Circles And Spirals Feat. Razoof
11. Deixa Rolar - Marysa Alfaia
12. Jogo Bom (Lenny Ibizarre Eternal Mix) - Lua
13. Cushion - Pushmipulyu