Compilation - Urban Forest (CD)


Compilation - Urban Forest (CD) Compiled and Mastered by CifrotecaPeople are intruding into forest life! This affects both animals, plants and ourselves.The number of those who don't pick up their rubbish after having a rest in the nature grows. We are left to ponder about how we can stop it. Some people say, 'It will cease only when we have nothing to breath with.' However there is a way out... The cities should be turned into gardens by the planting of as many green plants as possible. Our children should be raised with an understanding of love and care towards nature. Just imagine the city with gardens on skyscraper roofs, grassy sidewalks and park zones. Support the symbois of people and nature!


1. Voices and Footsteps - ANIX GLEO 
2. Systo - PSYTEST 
3. Skvozolad - CIFROTECA 
4. Liquid Painting - KARASH 
5. The Mist - PAGANOPATH 
6. Ghost are always - BIOSYNTHESIS 
7. Ritual of trolls - ROOF RAIZER 
8. Sound happens - OVERDREAM 
9. Tour de swamp - SAIKOZAURUS 
10. Peace Data - PHARMACORE