Compilation - Universal Religion


'Universal Religion' is an impressive collection of unreleased supersonic tracks that are bound to send sound waves reverberating across dance floors all over the world. With audio geniuses from all over the globe on board get set to hear some seriously mind blowing and crafty full on psychedelic music.
Indian record label Digital Om Productions believes in a common belief for all and acceptance for all religions and cultures as a path to the Supreme thereby through our first compilation CD, we hope to create a unifying force through which we are all eternally connected and keep evolving together as one.

The concept behind 'Universal Religion' is to thread together different elements of the psychedelic community through one common bond. Religion being only a path to spirituality, the names that differentiate one from another should not be reason to separate us. We are globally introducing our first compiled CD called 'Universal Religion'.

We would want to thank all our family and friends in India, Nepal and World over. Very special thanks to our brothers Mad Max, Bart XSI and Jean-marc XSI without whom this step would not be possible and all you beautiful people who are waiting to explore the untouched boundaries just like we are. Hope to see ya all really soon.


1. Nightmare - XSI2. Acid House 2010 - BLOCK DEVICE3. Drug Hoover - JOHN PHANTASM VS MAD MAXX4. Ispanika - (Live Edit)BIONIX5. Break Point - (Voyager rmx)DELIRIOUS6. Old Faces - PTX VS LOUD7. I Feel - (Peace Maker rmx)SUN PROJECT8. Back to the future - (Talamasca rmx)ALIEN AND THE CAT9. Element 115 - MAD MAXX VS NIRMAL10. Join Forces - WAIO, E-JEKT, XSI