Compilation - Uncharted vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Uncharted vol 2 (CD) Compiled by Pena and Nano - Mechanic.Flow Records label boss Pena and his compatriot Nano Mechanic have co-skippered this latest model of the successful Uncharted series, which has taken them across the world from the far-flung shores of Australia (Shades of Gray) to Argentina (Ricky Ryan), via Israel.
The neo-Magelleans have selected nine nuggets from their spoils to expose here, displaying the various twinkling facets of the Progressive music treasure chest in their best light. The album features established stars of the scene such as Sleek (Liquid Soul's side project) as well as rising talents like A. Balter. It ranges from Diogo Ribeiro and Magitman's orgy of rhythm to the twisted mayhem of Nano-Mechanic, and the cool, ethereal atmospheres of Pena and Kasey Taylor.

Ricky Ryan's spangles and the flashes of Perfect Stranger's latest gem have already caught the eyes of some of the biggest wigs in DJing - don't be the last to look in and see for yourself!


1. I Ching - A. BALTER 
2. Breath - SLEEK 
3. Prata Da Casa - PERFECT STRANGER 
4. Movimento - DIOGO RIBEIRO 
5. Apricot - MAGITMAN 
6. Bender - SHADES OF GRAY 
7. Deceptive Reality - NANO-MECHANIC 
8. Ocean Drive - RICKY RYAN 
9. The White Zone - (Kasey Taylor and Pena rmx)ANIL CHAWLA