Compilation - Umcherrel (CD)


Compilation - Umcherrel (CD) Treetrolla Records was born early 2009 in Ukraine to promote talented artists from around the world in the unique key of magic forest trance.
The label is proud to present our debut compilation: a mysterious potion consisting of ten never known before fantastic elements prepared in the depths of an ancient forest by experienced shamans under the direction of one of the most ancient of them, a soul of the forest named Umcherrel.

It is called to transmit the freedom spirit and true vibrations of creaking forest rhythms that separate soul from body, and transfer it to the mysterious world of sound images by erasing the border between dreams and reality.

Umcherrel will bring you to the pagan ritual dance for its majestic ancient nature, for the sake of its frightening and simultaneously its fine greatness. In this sacred dance you become uniform with God and learn true wisdom.

Umcherrel will find response in the hearts of fans of shadowy, abstract and live organic sound with groovy, melodic bass lines and incredible sound worlds, bringing tribal feel and consciousness expansion to contemplation of the beauty of a divine plan.


1. Tuffa Pa - KA-SOL 
2. Detail Temple - AZIDAX 
3. Nougal Wides - WHRIKK 
4. Inhabitants of sacred woods - SHIVATTVA 
5. Fipi Movements - BIOSYNTHESIS 
6. Great Illusion - ONEIROMANIX 
7. Erased Mind - ATTOYA 
8. Purple Confusion - ONEIROMANIX 
9. Forest Dreams - ATTOYA 
10. Forever Forest - SAIKOZAURUS