Compilation - Tzolkin (CD)


Compilation - Tzolkin (CD) Compiled by San Isidro and Glin.K. Tzolkin Productions anticipates and it's eager to share with you the first of many digitally mastered electronic supernovas!

Starting with an explosive ensambled of Psychedelic Trance. This CD is the result of the coming together of a culturally diversified producers from around the globe, who have been involved by the cosmic energy resonating from the Tzolkin Mayan calendar, that dosen't have a recognized start or end.

In keeping with the ancient use of the Tzolkin, whose purpose is to determine ceremonial events, and allows us to synchronize our lives with the earth and the universe; We have done many festivals in honor of the Mayan culture, touching the hearts and making a lot of people sensitive to this culture, but now our mission is provide you the opportunity to bring good music to your favorite places and get carried away by the magic of tzolkin, that survives among contemporary mayan people and in a multitude of derivative forms worlwide.

Now, let the Tzolkin psychedelic vibrations fall in sync with your body, soul and brain waves!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/33

1. Mithology - DELYSID, BRAIN HUNTERS  -  2. Wicked Syntony - BRAIN HUNTERS  -  3. Global Killer - OUTER SIGNAL  -  4. Funny Dark - BRAVE  -  5. Lucky One - ORCA  -  6. Frame of mind - FROZEN GHOST  -  7. Tonighs Entreteniment - KODE SIX  -  8. El ejercito de la muerte - SHADAI AND TDR  -  9. Existence Problems - SPEEDBALL -