Compilation - Twisted Vision III


Shotu and Manu, two of Hadra Records' leading artists, are bringing us the third and last chapter of the Twisted Vision series. For this very special occasion, the French associates prepared a blistering selection featuring some of the best artists emerging on the psychedelic scene as well as talented producers from their home region.
Twisted Vision III starts in style with Dirty Saffi who brings their distinctive British underground touch. They are followed by Southwild, the solo project of Jay from the mighty Rastaliens who is also the latest recruit from English label Wildthings Records. Vertical, Arjuna, Furious and Zumi add up their characteristic Parvati vibe to the adventure thanks to their masterly designed night-time sound.

The trip continues with Austrian project Ianuaria, watch out for this highly talented artist! Ataro and Sychotria, the collaboration between Whiptongue and X-Spiral, deliver an equally rocking track.

The regional delegation is represented by local artists Cubic Spline, the alliance of Shotu and Manu, Synthetik Chaos as well as Tweakers, the new project of Shotu and Suddha, two precious elements of the Grenoble label.

Twisted Vision III represents a unique project in itself, bringing together some of the psychedelic scene's most promising artists whose evolution should be closely followed.


1. The Crystaliser - DIRTY SAFFI2. Law Of Physics - SOUTHWILD3. Altitude - TWEAKERS4. Holographic - SHOTU AND MANU5. Hex Comet - VERTICAL6. Kamalampi - ARJUNA, FURIOUS AND ZUMI7. Contact Learning - SYCHOTRIA VS ATARO8. Indigo Dance - IANUARIA9. Enter the void - SYNTHETIK CHAOS AND CHRIS RICH10. The Proposal - CUBIC SPLINE