Compilation - Twisted Insight (CD)


Compilation - Twisted Insight (CD) Spectral Records presents its cd009, 'Twisted Insight'. This time compiled by the Brazilian Roddy Alien based in Ibiza.

Roddy as been in the trance scene for several years now and he wanted to compile his favorite music in this compilation.

Artists like Menog, Absolum, Azax Syndrom, Outer Signal, Fiuzz, Khopat just to name a few, everyone is twisting inside this cd to make the Dance Floors move like you have never seen before!

There are many things to say about this compilation, but the best is, if you listen it carefully! Keep it Psy!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. Absolute Cut - OUTER SIGNAL
2. Psykodeliak - RABDOM L
3. Basic survival instincts - (Menog rmx)MENOG VS. ABSOLUM
4. Mad as a hatter - EARWORM
5. Kobalt - KHOPAT
6. Live or die - AZAX SYNDROME
7. Immortal Species - BRAIN HUNTERS
8. Battle Sounds - FIUZZ AND HUNTERS
9. Last Person - IGNITION