Compilation - Tweakers V.2.0


Compiled by Paul Taylor.Sometimes it is impossible to create a sequel that comes anywhere close to it's first edition, yet 7 years and thousands of dance floor hours later.
Dj Paul Taylor has managed to up the ante with his brand new chapter in the Spun Tweakers story. Tweakers 2003 was widely praised for it's ground breaking effect on worldwide dance floors. It defined a futuristic bio-mechanical style that has since became an integral part of the global Psy-Trance movement. With Tweakers V.2.0, Paul Taylor has managed to take this formula to a whole new level for 2011. Having the concept firmly pre-established in mind, various tracks were commissioned by artists such as Braniac, Tron and Burn in Noise, to once again create a high octane collection of early morning stompers, combining morbidly obese basslines with a hi tech razors edge. Be sure to upgrade your cortex to the latest version!


1. Brainstorm - BRAINIAC2. Timelab - INTELLIGENCE3. It's Working - EARTHLING VS MATERIA4. In's and Out's - (Paul Taylor, Andy Mason rmx)POLI5. Underdog - (Brainiac rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON6. Jungle Power - MENTAL BROADCAST7. Pitching - BURN IN NOISE8. Inception - PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON9. Lacremosa - TRON VS GLITCH