Compilation - Trimurti Avenue


We are happy to present our long awaited debut compilation 'Trimurti Avenue'.This CD contains tracks of various talented artists who participated at Trimurti festival. We invite you to the unforgettable entertaining journey into the magic world of psychedelic sound, sacred art, love and light.
Musical wave of Trimurti - is trance of different kinds, the music, which has the power and strength, energy and rhythm, hypnotizing melody that opens people minds and consciousness into a state of absolute freedom of the spirit and the body.

It takes you back to the roots of your soul, awakens the secret energy that synchronizes vibrations of the Earth and every unique human being, connecting them to the universal cosmic dance.


1. Can't Close - PSYCHOMENTAL2. Blue Energy - GAIANA3. Zoo - ANIX GLEO4. Pantomiman - PANTOMIMAN5. Saikozaurus - SAIKOZAURUS6. Night Lights - ZUMI7. Reality - STEREOGRAPHIC8. Fireplace - MAGIC FOREST9. Machina Terra - SONIC SPECIES10. Feel The Groove - NINJAZZ