Compilation - Transition


Containing tracks by Tristan, Entheogenic, Aes Dana, Hypnocoustics and many more...Containing tracks by Tristan, Entheogenic, Aes Dana, Hypnocoustics and many more, Boom Shankar was responsible for this sonic delight featuring the highlights of one of the most vibrating underground festies Europe has to offer. This CD is a must for every lover of psychedelic music and especially for everyone who took part in the last editions of Transition Festival that takes place every year around Easter time in the national park of Donana in Southern Spain. Leave your ego at the doorstep, free your mind and let us guide you into the uplifting and intelligent form of Trance.
Starting with the sensual intro by Aes Dana (who was also responsible for the mastering) towards the fluffy spheres of Yan Gecko and the collaboration of Soul Kontakt with the compiler Boom Shankar (who gave his debut in production with 'Simulated Reality') towards the deep mystical tune by Acid Box and Chimbo featuring Enrique Morente, one of the greatest Flamenco artists who just passed away. We accelerate with Hypnoise from Spain and reach another highlight: Tristan. Being part of Transition for two years you can be sure to have a killa track which will globally set floors on fire! Multiman is next with his Timothy Learyc version of Transition: a masterpiece! Followed by a live version of Quantica's master blaster 'Quantic Motion' which was recorded live at Transition Festival. We make another Transition towards the highly spiritual side of Trance with UK's latest masterminds Hypnocoustics and their 'Buddha Nature' before we reach euphoric heights with Interconnected's track of the season: 'Fractal Nature'. The Transition is completed with the Sophia Mix of Entheogenic's epic 'Body of Light'...a gem of a track leaving you completely sunshiny.

The CD comes with a comprehensive booklet featuring dozens of shots by some of the best photographers from our scene, beautifully arranged and lay-outed by various artists. In addition, you can find a link to two secret bonus wav tracks and much more. All in all a high-quality release completely catching the vibe of the festival-spiritual, intelligent,!

Make your Transition!


1. Unified - AES DANA2. Dreamcatcher - YAN GECKO3. Simulated Reality - SOUL KONTAKT AND DJ BOOM SHANKAR4. Suenos del Sur - ACID BOX AND CHIMBO5. Psycho Plasma - HYPNOISE6. Mind Jacker - TRISTAN7. Transition - MULTIMAN8. Quantic Motion - (Live Version)QUANTICA9. Buddha Nature - HYPNOCOUSTICS10. Fractal Nature - INTERCONNEKTED11. Body of Light - (Sophia Mix)ENTHEOGENIC