Compilation - Trancefusion (CD)


Compilation - Trancefusion (CD) Trancefusion are Gidi Snapir, Keren Porat-Snapir and Avi Ronen.Gidi Snapir is a leading Dj and he is the guy behind the world known 'Quantum' project.
Keren Porat-Snapir is a singer, composer, and a vocal trainer. Keren is performing and teaching Indian Classical Music and World Music.

Avi Ronen is a well known guitarist for many years based in Hawaii, and performing all over the states.

Together they now joined forces for a new fresh music act. 'Trancefusion' represent a few genres of music. World music, psytrance and Chillout, all combined with special vocals and guitar performance packed in a tight high end futuristic electronic mixture.



1. Tie Die 
2. Janata Chill Acoustic Guitar 
3. Teti Beti Remix 
4. Slicer 2009 
5. D Analog Element 
6. Janata Chill Acoustic Guitar Radio Edit 
7. Slicer Radio Edit