Compilation - Traffic (CD)


Compilation - Traffic (CD) Compiled By Khainz Echoes Records is back with full force, presenting the first chapter of its new and exciting compilations series, named, 'Traffic', carefully selected by Khianz.Khainz is Simon Schwendener, talented Swiss producer and DJ.
Khainz, well-known for his cutting edge, innovative production skills, has released numerous tracks through leading international labels, such as Sprout Music, headed by D-Nox, SAS, headed by John Acquaviva, Absurd, Flow, Blue Tunes, Plusquam, Echoes, and Iboga!

Khainz holds under his belt, major appearances on the most demanding stages around the globe, such as, Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Boom Festival (Portugal), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Zoom (Switzerland), Geometrix (Switzerland), Tshitraka Festival (Germany), to name a few.

'Traffic' features 9 previously unreleased jewels produced by a selection of outstanding artists, most if not all, already well known and highly established. A broad selection of musical styles, each bearing its own distinct groove and direction, new interpretations, ranging from Progressive to Techno and minimal.

Cause when you are stuck in Traffic, you better have this sitting in your stereo, an overwhelming set of soothing, uplifting, and highly intelligent wonders.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/41

1. Kruemel - Khainz
2. Dead End (Miki Litvak Rmx) - Schatsi
3. Clock Ticker - Fm Radio Gods
4. Chunky Monkey - Alter Breed
5. 700000 - Khainz
6. Heat The Music - Astronivo
7. Follow The Error - Brisker And Magitman
8. Minihorse - Sql
9. Wellenreiter - Zentrale Randgruppe