Compilation - Traffic 2 (CD)


Compilation - Traffic 2 (CD) Compiled by Dj Zombie.Echoes Records is proud to present the second chapter of compilations series, named, 'Traffic'. Carefully selected and arranged by DJ Zombi, that reflects his current style quite accurately.
DJ Zombi is well known for his innovative and fresh up to date DJ sets, which he delivered on many dance floors around the globe, played on every continent and in almost every country, playing every weekend in a different city. He's considered as one of the top head lining DJ's coming from Israel

'Traffic 2' is a unique collection, a showcase of the new, cross over sound of Progressive House, Tech House and Techno of today's!

'Traffic 2' features inside 8 exclusive tracks, produced by a selection of outstanding artists, most if not all, already well known and highly established, such as AstroNivo, Alter Breed, Lish, DJ Zombi, Khainz, Murat Uncuoglu, Soundexile, Lisboa and Petrucci, and Tash.

Cause when you are stuck in Traffic, you better have this sitting in your stereo, an overwhelming set of soothing, uplifting, and highly intelligent wonders.
1. In my space - ASTRONIVO 
2. Sky9 - (Lisboa and Petrucci rmx)MINIGAME 
3. Monophone - ALTER BREED 
4. Just move it up - (Khainz rmx)ASTRONIVO AND DJ ZOMBI 
5. More Pleasure - LISH AND DJ ZOMBI 
7. Vitamin - TASH