Compilation - Time Stretchers (CD)


Compilation - Time Stretchers (CD) Compiled by Dark River.Psychotic Viridis Records is proud to present another darkpsy blast, the album Time Stretchers, compiled by the label's founder, DJ Dark River.
The intent for this album is to spread awesome music to the world like a whirlwind effect, in order to please the darker side lovers all around the Universe. The name of the compilation describes these psychedelic music producers that perform something once called magic on their work of art, controlling the time and its nuances, while their twisted sounds coming out of their musical devices modulates the spirit of all beings which are exposed to their craft. Join us on this cosmic travel of life and death, forgetting about the daily preoccupations of the society for a while, to embrace the eternity of music!


1. Yoxi Dor - PARAFORCE 
2. What's happening - SAMAUMA 
3. Drug Corruption - BAPHOMET ENGINE 
4. Mummification - FXOR 
5. The Blind Prince - DARK RIVER 
6. Premium Pill - METEORBURN 
7. El Dorado - DARK RIVER VS. FXOR 
8. Imala Majka 3 Kceri - SICK NOISE 
9. Battle of Mars IV - SAMAUMA, FXOR, DARK RIVER