Compilation - Time Spiral (CD)


Compilation - Time Spiral (CD) Compiled By Psychoz A mix of morning and night full-on psytrance from improved artists like Dark Nebula (Acid Gliter), Wizack Twizack, Virtual Light, Twisted Reaction (Reverse), Psychoz and very talented new artists including interesting collaboration combined with a high approach concerning the production and mastering quality.

For this release Psychoz compiled a variating collection of up-to-date music. This unique collection has much to offer and the music speaks for itself and will definitely satisfy all lovers of all kind of psy sound, will warm your heart and move your body.

This CD is just an definite prove that the real dance floor music still excist around the globe and will always be here with us to make us smile and happy.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/20

1. Time 2 Burn - DARK NEBULA 2. We must save you - WIZACK TWIZACK, VIRTUAL LIGHT 3. Time Spiral - MUSTIKAL VIBES, TIME LAB 4. Internal Fire - HELIOBYTE, PSYCHOZ 5. Release Yourself - ALTERING PERCEPTIONS 6. We are all aliens - REVERSE, XRATED 7. Emergency Room - PSYCHOZ 8. Flow - PSYCHOZ, JETO, TRANCEDENTAL CULTURE 9. Dream in code - ACID GLITTER -