Compilation - The Union (CD)


Compilation - The Union (CD) Compiled by Dj Bog and Dj SollyBoa Group LTD., house of international renowned labels, Com.Pact Records, Drive Records, Trancelucent Productions, is delighted to announce the release of its brand new compilation 'The Union' compiled by Bog and Solly, a.k.a Visual Paradox.
In the beautiful northern part of Israel, besides Binyamina city, Boa group office is located. Occupied by a small number of energetic individuals producing, breathing, and living according to the pace of music.

Boa Group has built a unique platform which supplies a total managing solution to its in-house project and artists and for third party clients as well, and is known all over the world for its innovative and original outlook.

This new exiting compilation was carefully selected by Bog and Solly, which have created a special atmosphere, and an exciting build-up, gradually taking the listener through astonishing sounds and emotional moments.

The Union was constructed in a 'Double Pyramid' like structure, incorporating a wide range of musical expressions, this to insure a different kind of experience of sound, taking the listener through the steps till the very middle, the peak point and gradually descending right through to the end.

The Union features a wide range of electronic expressions, and includes original masterpieces, remixes and collaborations between Boa Group Booking artists roster.

You can expect massive tracks from acts like Apocalypse, Aquatica, Cosmic Tone, Electro Sun, Ferbi Boys, Lish, Loud, Sesto Sento, Systemic, Ultravoice, Visual Paradox and Visual Contact.

Enjoy the power of the Union


1. The Snoring Master 2009 - VISUAL CONTACT VS ELECTRO SUN 
2. High Definition - APOCALYPSE VS SYSTEMIC 
3. Place of Panic - (System Nipel rmx)AQUATICA 
4. No one can stop us now - SYSTEMIC VS AQUATICA VS. SESTO SENTO 
5. Time Bomb - FERBI BOYS 
6. Ultraswitch - ULTRAVOICE VS SWITCH 
8. Small Talk 2009 - LOUD 
9. On the edge - (Visual Paradox vs Cosmic Tone rmx)LISH