Compilation - The Tritone Paradox (CD)


Compilation - The Tritone Paradox (CD) Tritone Paradox is the brand new compilation from Greece's leading label Harmonia Records.Harmonia Records with its smashing new compilation 'The Tritone Paradox', featuring 9 exclusive and previous unreleased tracks from well established artists such as Micky Noise, Pause, Conwerter, X'Spiral, Protect, along with new artists like Ridden and Eunoia, plus the debut releases from Binary Code and D ' Freq.
Heavy kickdrums, huge baselines, warm atmospheres, extreme effects, make 'Tritone Paradox' a unique piece of psychedelic trance music.


1. Remi - PAUSE VS EUNOIA2. 91 - PROTECT VS XPIRAL3. Life Experience - D FREQ4. Planet Earth - EUNOIA5. Personal Matter - CONWERTER6. Seti - RIDDEN7. Nothing Unreal - BINARY CODE8. Activation - PAUSE9. Taito - MICKY NOISE