Compilation - The Reaction (CD)


Compilation - The Reaction (CD) Bom Shanka Music are proud to present their 6th release and final instalment of the first trilogy 'The Reaction' a hypnotic journey through the realms of deep psychedelia and dancefloor madness. Deliciously compiled by expert Brazilian DJ Sarschas it features beats and treats from REV, Illegal Machines, Psymmetrix, E.V.P., Bombax, Organic Hybrid, Asimilon, Dirty Saffi, Satya, Module Virus, Neutral Motion and ART Conspiracy. This compilation is pure dancefloor gold blending seasoned professionals and fresh new talent.
This future classic collection is instantly accessible and guaranteed to stay in your CD player for months on end. Seamlessly blended for home listening and beautifully crafted journey through the finer side of psychedelic dance music, this DJ friendly disc demands close attention and focused analysis.

Deliciously inventive and seriously having it, designed to keep you moving, the CD will have the desired Reaction.


1. Under Pressure - (Asimilon rmx)PSYMMETRIX AND DIRTY SAFFI2. Swing the cat - EVP3. Land on this - ORGANIC HYBRID4. 2 Lungs and Half a brain - THE A.R.T. CONSPIRACY5. Cronnox and Sonnox - DIRTY SAFFI6. Fringy take away - ILLEGAL MACHINES AND REV7. Star Gate Wasters - SATYA AND MODULE VIRUS8. Messy Mind - ASIMILON AND BOMBAX9. Burn in nose - (REV rmx)PSYMMETRIX AND REV10. Fundamental - NEUTRAL MOTION