Compilation - The Mandala Mirror (CD)


Compilation - The Mandala Mirror (CD) Compiled by Pete PanAs you travel past sand dusted pyramids, there is an oasis for your sand dried body. While the oasis proves to be a mirage, you see a small glimmer of glass that catches your eye. This reflective object is a mandala mirror, a sacred reality bending entity that plunges your aural sensory nodes into the wave formation that brings one to an alternate parallel reality of neuron bliss.
Starting off, Pipe Dream slowly knits you into a mind-pressurized elevation to ambient bliss. This leads you into the broken, mental confusion of Kristin's Sonata. Moving from a chilled vision of IDM, the sand spirits bellow out the siren of nostalgia for long lost friends. Coming out of a hypnotic chill coma, you travel into the Didgeridon't, which beckons a slow build up to transformation of a soul pod of future past. Transgenesis bellows out a new entity with a kaliediscopic mix that titillates the sand entranced burial. Mimosa Breaks then lifts you up with an upbeat rollercoaster ride where the mind gets twisted. As reality begins to focus, Linear waves starts to bring your body into it's un-disassociated self. Two- tone blue's blur sets you back to your body and the sand flows over once again, your eyes focus as the mirror disintegrates into dust and your travels begin once again with a new awareness.

Concept by Pete Pan.


1. Pipe Dreams - (VAL)LIAM2. Kristins Sonata - PAPA LEGBA3. Like a breath stolen by the win - MAKYO4. Didjeridon't - FLOOTING GROOVES5. Transgenesis - (Kaleidiscope Mix)INDIDGINUS6. Mimosa Breaks - WOWSLEY7. Linear Waves - MBUKI MVUKI8. Two-Tone Blue - TONY FOO YONG