Compilation - The False Center


Lamat Records very proudly presents 'A false center' compiled by Dirty Phreak.Our debut cd gives you a momentary glimpse at some of the most talented headlining acts around the blue orb. The music is beautiful, the sound is mystical, and rhythms are angelic. Here you will eagerly taste delicious star harmonies and unspeakably beautiful sounds driven by your willingness to go beyond the realm of normal. Be bathed in these new frequencies that sweep across your soul like waves of rapturous bliss. The outer manifestation of this cd is what naturally comes from our inside, continuing our spiritual work and following our bliss. So don't forget this unconscious journey to reality using this cd composed by our own sonic chemist. He shall be prescribing you the beats your soul desires hearing, it will turn the dancefloor into an aggressive vortex of cahos. Let us alldance into the next dimension together.
Your music is your sound, and your sound keeps your soul on the right track.


1. Contraption - MUBALI2. Mr. Papshmer - M.M.C.3. Disfunction - ANTAGON4. Aikan - ARCEK AND HAWK5. Werstern Fubar Show - JELLY VS ENTRE6. Globigerina - BATTERY LEAK7. Ghost Hunter - SYSTEM CRASH8. Geez - AUDIOPATHIK9. Something like that - OXIDAKSI10. Shamanic Overdrive - (Systemcrash rmx)DIRTY PHREAK