Compilation - The Big Brainwash (CD)


Compilation - The Big Brainwash (CD) The Label from Nowhere is back again, this time with a Split Album of 3 cutting edge artists on the psychedelic scene. The Split Album - The Big Brainwash is a Split album consisting of 3 tracks each of Silent Horror, Flipknot and Red.
Red is Radik (Radion) born in 1981 in St.Petersburg, Russia RED is eletronical musician, he is a bright representative of the St-Pete's psytrance's scene. For now Red has a status of successful musician, who has a concerts over the all Russia...

Flipknot is the side project of Brian Fernandes aka Kerosene Club, India. Brainwashing has been his part-time business and Business has been good.

With Flipknot releases on temple twisters, tremors underground, Disco valley Recs, Samsara n others, it was time for him to unveil some hidden gems from the underground.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/44

1. Dragons Arise - Flipknot
2. Saikosounds - Flipknot
3. Melting Galaxy - Flipknot
4. Other Worlds - Silent Horror
5. In Transit - Silent Horror
6. Warped - Silent Horror
7. The Bigbrainwasher - Red
8. Sociom Machine - Red
9. Night Moscofilia - Red