Compilation - The Art Of Noize (CD)


Compilation - The Art Of Noize (CD) From the mystic island of Cyprus Noize Conspiracy is ready to Unleash 'The Art Of Noize'. The 9th Chapter of NC V/A 'The Art of Noize' compiled my MikeNoize is set to release in May 2009!

Featuring exclusive tracks from the usual suspects of Noize Delysid, Menog (Brainhunters Rmx), Winter demon, Iron madness, Khopat (Nippon Rmx) and fresh names Trymbaka, Xatrix, Sinful Reactions this V/A has been 6 months in the making and will soon be ready for your sound systems to kick off another year with the 'Art of Noize'
Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2009/20

1. Escape - DELYSID
2. The 5th Element - IRON MADNESS
3. BackFlash - WINTER DEMON
4. Footloose - XANTRIX
5. Already Found It - (Brain Hunters rmx)MENOG
6. System Overload - SINFUL REACTIONS
7. Hypnotic Winds - TRYAMBAKA
8. Demential Conspiracy - (Sinful Reactions rmx)DELYSID
9. Nippon - (Ignition rmx)KHOPAT