Compilation - The 69 Steps Vol 4 - Reflector (CD)


Compilation - The 69 Steps Vol 4 - Reflector (CD) Compiled and mixed by Mirror SystemMirror System is the chilled and downtempo extension of Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy's well-known and long standing dance music project System 7.
This DJ Mix CD is a result of numerous DJ sets played in which they have blended the Mirror System chilled feeling with soft minimal techno and electro beats.

The DJ Mix CD includes tracks by well-known artists in the ambient and minimal genres including Trentemoller, Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber, Chymera, Peace Division, Alex Kenji, Bluetech and others, as well as some tracks by Mirror System / System 7 themselves. The mixing has been made tastefully, intelligently and distinctively by Mirror System to produce a warm and satisfying listening experience.

This release will also definitely appeal to the active Mirror System fanbase, which connects to the larger active System 7 fanbase ' and so on some levels may be marketed in an artist orientated way ' in a similar way to an Orb DJ Mix compilation.

As a various artist compilation CD, and part of a series, this release also partakes of possible marketing benefits of this type of compilation release, which might it easier to stock in the chillout section of record stores.

So, in summary, a judicious mix of compilation series marketing and artist-orientated marketing should achieve satisfactory results for what is musically a rich and attractive product


1. The Healing Feather - MIRROR SYSTEM2. Resufacing - (Phidelity rmx)EVAN MARC STEVE HILLAGE3. Sea of sand - (original mix)GUY GERBER AND SHLOMI ABER4. Mango - (original mix)SASCHA FUNKE5. Gush - (Blagger's bring it back rmx)TRENTEMOLLER6. Cartwheel - (Mirror System rmx)TRIPSWITCH7. Voodoo - (It's in the wall)PEACE DIVISION FEAT. PLEASANT GEHMAN8. Chicken Kiev - CHAIM9. Swim - MATTHIAS TANZMANN10. A Question - CHYMERA11. Bike Ride - PHONIQUE12. Honey in the heart - (System 7 rmx)BLUETECH13. Looking in god's eyes - (Album Version)SHLOMI ABER14. Adelante - (Ahmet Sendil rmx)ALEX KENJI15. Sal del mar - SYSTEM 7