Compilation - Tech Tales


Soon available at Psyshop.comIn keeping with our pursuit of new and exciting music, we've decided to put out a release on the tech side of the electronic spectrum, trusting his ears for the genre we called upon our Danish friend Moses a.k.a Muggi Dane to put together a compilation for us.
The result is V.A. 'Tech Tales', the first release of what we expect will be an ongoing series of releases. The compilation features a diverse array of layered, laid back and funky tracks that complement each other nicely. Expect to be captivated the whole way through. Tech Tales is certainly a release that will make you bump, grind and get your groove on!


1. Crazy Flaps - CIRCUIT BENT2. Asimo - MUGGI DANE3. Tech Tales - VACUUM STALKERS4. Under the radar - LLOPIS AND ECCO5. Agenda - DISFUNCTIONAL DISCO6. Spangled Drongo - GROUCH7. Front End - ED MOTIVE8. Seven Breaths - TRIBALISTIC SOCIETY9. Minimal Brick - ELEKTROSATAN