Compilation - Tales Of Fall (CD)


Compilation - Tales Of Fall (CD) Compiled by Phaxe and Cowan Iono Music invites you to enjoy the most coloured season of the year.
Label artists Cowan and Phaxe have picked up nine musical leaves from the promised lands of psychedelic touched progressive trance music.

Cowan is better known as one of the masterminds behind the Danish project Time In Motion who have been constant guests on last Iono compilations and received overwhelming responses for their deep hypnotic production style.

Together with Phaxe, who is with no doubt one of Iono's top upcoming trance youngsters, they have compiled a collection of strong and mature dance tracks from most auspicious and leading countries of this genre like Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Serbia (represented by Nerso the winner of this years Iono track competion) and ofcourse from Denmark.

Next to their arrangement of 'Tales of Fall' both compilers have also contributed their own special music material to form this CD into its round shape.

Filled with warm melodies and deep pushing basslines this compilation will come down like a warm rain on all sweaty club floors around you these days.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Nov. 2008/46

1. Sonic Vision - Visua
2. Swing King - Phaxe
3. Prological - Organix
4. Magnitude - Nerso
5. Back Together - Time In Motion
6. My World - Xahno And Supergroover
7. Blow Out - Flegma
8. A World Around Us - Badbug
9. Deep Resonance - Progenitor