Compilation - Syntonized Fields (CD)


Compilation - Syntonized Fields (CD) Midwaystation Records is proud to present its first compilation named Syntonized Fields. Carefully selected to bring back that sintonized feeling wich used to gather people in celebrations in the begining of trance's scene.

The lable presents 9 unrealeased and high quality tracks developed by skilled producers, and invites you to travel with it to a journey back to the source. Enjoy
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. Last Warning - DIGICULT 2. Hallucination Generation - MR. PECULIAR 3. Another Dimension - SURIA, HOLOPHONIK 4. Black Spiral - HOLOPHONIK 5. Psycho Acustics - RASTALIENS 6. Sonic Solutions - COSMOTECH 7. Just Trying - FULL PROPULSION 8. Space Travellers - MENOG, HOLOPHONIK 9. The Miracle Buddha - YONILINGA -