Compilation - Synthetic Chronicles (CD)


Compilation - Synthetic Chronicles (CD) Compiled By Silicon Sound A mix of progressive and psytrance with a touch of electro and some very interesting collaborations. It includes tracks from the new project called 'Even 11', a collaboration between Silicon Sound and Jaia, Voyager (project of the former Altom member Thomas Dubreuill), Blue Planet Corporation, a legendary french band from the early 90's which released over 100 tracks.
This compilation will surelye a bestseller.

Style: Psy Trance
Released: Nov. 2008/46

1. Little Honey (Silicon Sound Rmx) - Antix
2. City Slickers - Even 11, Blue Planet Corporation
3. Passengers (Voyager Rmx) - Silicon Sound, Jaia
4. Hyperion - Silicon Sound, Dj Psychotrop
5. Tribal Quest - Polaris
6. Dream Machine - Tristan
7. Unannounced Portal (Side-A Rmx) - Liquid Soul
8. Fragile - Jaia
9. Tekno Sun - Blue Planet Corporation