Compilation - Synthetic Alchemy (CD)


Hypergate Records is back again to present this brand new compilation highly selected by Tryon and Dj Kahuna. 'Synthetic Alchemy' provides you an amazing journey to the most powerful psy trance style, dance floor oriented to create a pure driving energy worldwide.
This compilation features 10 previously unreleased tracks writen by Karmacrop, Tryon, Time Twisters, Sidhartha, Concept, Xatrik just to name a few with their unique and awesome style taking listeners into the top of the universe.

Take the synthetic alchemy and project yourself into the cosmos


1. Multiverse - KARMACROP2. Cynikal - RABDOM L3. Sequence Initialized - CONCEPT VS TRYON4. Tic Tac - TIME TWISTERS5. Sergeant 3 Quill - XATRIK6. Synthetic Alchemy - TRYON7. Damage - SMASHED8. Aftertouch - (rmx)KHOPAT9. Fundamental Resonance - EARWORM10. ItKillsYouUp - SIDHARTHA