Compilation - Synergy (CD)


Compilation - Synergy (CD) Compiled by Zyce Synergy represents the finest collection of morning progressive dance music compiled by Zyce. After busy summer, Zyce collected 10 amazing tunes from various artists.
Packed with storming crystal clear sound quality this compilation is a true refreshment to the scene featuring various styles, from Biolab's dreamy progressive house, Pion's techno grooves, Nerso's rich and warm deep trance to more harder trance grooves from Hardy, Flegma, Zyce, Kalimax and Float. Synergy also features two masterpiece remixes to Vibrasphere's morning hymn 'Sweet Semptember' melodically restructured by Zyce, and Ovnimoon's psy-progressive bassmonster 'Ramirufias' remixed by Zyce and Flegma.

This unique collection has much to offer and the music speaks for itself. It will definitely satisfy all lovers of deep morning melodic progressive sound, will warm your heart and move your body

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Synergy - Biolab
2. Sideline - Pion
3. Gates Of Velves - Hardy Veles
4. Vento - Nerso
5. Elation - Flegma
6. By Illusion - Zyce
7. Sound Game - Kalimax
8. Sweet Semptember (Zyce Rmx) - Vibrasphere
9. Platform - Float
10. Ramirufias (Zyce And Flegma Rmx) - Ovnimoon