Compilation - Swamp Fever


Compiled by Dj SulemiThe psychedelic electronic music scene nowadays, you can see the aspects of a swamp. Swamps are formed by standing and shallow water, located on a impermeable blanket, with a fairly dense vegetation, and the most amazing thing: in the mud of the swamp, the lotus flower blooms. This environment translates the one of the Psychedelic enviroments.
Some producers of which currently represent best this description and style, are gathered here on 9 tracks. And as the representation of the Lotus Flower, the projects here are part of my past, my present, and that certainly will be in my future.

From chaos to mud... from mud to chaos! Dj Sulemi


1. Non Sense - SMOKE SHIP VS WHIPTONGUE2. Blessing for forest - BAPHOMET ENGINE3. Melted - SATOR AREPO VS CHROMATEC4. Viru Kultur - NECROPSYCHO5. Romance with common sense - TECHNICAL HITCH6. Im a borg - MAGMA OHM7. Beer and Coke - BASH, IKPENG, NECROPSYCHO8. Celestial Species - KEROSENE CLUB VS FUZULU (FEAT. SPIRAL)9. Illusion Technique - KAOS