Compilation - Sunset Delights (CD)


Compilation - Sunset Delights (CD) Philip Guillaume from Switzerland is one of todays most respected trance artists. Being one part of the legendary psytrance projects 'Rumble Pack' and 'Blue Vortex', he already has successfully released two albums and played countless gigs on almost every major Festival in Europe.

In 2006 Philip formed his solo Project 'Motion Drive' as dedication to the more progressive way of trance music. In short time first tracks appeared on compilations from labels like Iboga, Iono Music, Spintwist, Blue Tunes, Domo etc. and so he was asked to remix tracks by some of the most notable artists like Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura and Emok/Maelstrom.

After a busy outdoor season in 2008 Philip returned to his studio and started working on his Motion Drive debut album which will be another Highlight on Iono Music's releaseplan in 2009.

'Sunset Delights' comes to you as a qualitatively very ambitious mixture of different styles. Bringing together all forms of modern progressive tunes, this compilation melts elements of house and trance into a glamorous track collection at its best.

Next to his composition of 'Sunset Delights', Motion Drive has also added two fantastic extracts from his recent studio work to give a fortaste of what you can expect of his upcoming debut album. Concentrated with swinging grooves and enriched with warm harmonies, this compilation will delight your disposition like a warm beam of a summer sunset.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. Blue Note - SYNESTHETIC 

-  2. The Source - MOTION DRIVE 

-  3. Terrestrial - C-JAY AND SHYLOCK 

-  4. Vice - OCEAN 

-  5. Stereotype - PION 

-  6. Light - JAY SELWAY 

-  7. Lennart's Legion - SOLID SNAKE 

-  8. Swing King - (Motion Drive rmx)PHAXE 

-  9. Blind - SQL -