Compilation - Sun Blitz 2 (CD)


Compilation - Sun Blitz 2 (CD) Compiled By Dharma KayaAfter the great success of the original SUN Blitz release Alex Dharma Kaya and Blitz Studios are ready to hit the planet with the worthy follow up 'SUN Blitz 2'!
A year has passed since the first release of the acclaimed series and Blitz Studios under Dharma Kaya's leadership have much achieved and released in that time, among other things - the great international hit Full Service, ''the Russian-Israeli full on sound''. However, there is no stopping the now world renowned Blitz Studios crew. The Russian-Australian music giant is here to offer you another bomb 'SUN Blitz 2' aka 'THE Russian Twilight Sound'.

Like the first SUN Blitz it has the best twilight tunes packed into it, but unlike the first release SUN Blitz 2 is 100% Russian, every single track! It is fair to say that there has never been an all Russian twilight VA release like that to this day! Exclusive is once again the term which nowadays runs parallel to Blitz Studios. Compiled by Dharma Kaya with much care and expertise SUN Blitz 2 starts lightly and gradually accelerates towards the darker side of the twilight. Kalilaskov AS and his latest sound, the X-Team wunderkinds, brilliant Lyric VS Sulima collaboration, Hysteria's new sound and new partner in crime, and ex-Dissociactive's new project Sorrowmurk are only but a glimpse of what you will find onboard SUN Blitz 2.


1. Dream is prophecy - PAN PSYCHIC VS PSY MACHINE2. Alice in mushroomland - X-TEAM3. Water World - (Lyric rmx)SONIC ELYSIUM4. Vibrations of dolphins - LYRIC VS SULIMA5. La Puerta - SORROWMURK6. Gosha 2010 - PANTOMIMAN7. Muha 33 - SORROWMURK8. Endless Journey - HYSTERIA VS NINJAZZ9. Time has no mercy - KALILASKOV AS10. Nightingale - STROFARIA