Compilation - Stigma


Hold back your pressure and take a deep breath cause Phoenix Groove is about once rock your core.
After their latest installation that gained huge recognition and support, the label is ready to unleash their new V.A. with their distinguished flavored looping dish. Phoenix manage to establish a particular sound of its own. Contrasting electronic and not only colors from trance to electro, and of course some of the deepest mellows of this era.

The usual parade is here, from Sensogram to Niko S Echo and from Hi Profile to the big surprise on remix duties from Reverse on Vibrasphere. Another bold move that simply proves that Phoenix motto is for sure not a straightforward empty beat comp, but a degrade canvas of collected influences, experiences and lot of soul in it.

Sometimes static and heavy, others with more experientialism and down tempo aroma for sure its a V/A with its own Stigma. Each track completes the other, like a small story that evolved track by track in microscopic proportions. A high voltage soundtrack that pounding floors or stimulate mind tricks with the hidden passages that each work offers.

To sum up in general you have a great package that shows the understanding and love of Phoenix people regarding music and their attempts to bring that love striped down to your ears. By definition something essential to poses for your musical needs and joy.


1. Going There - SENSOGRAM 
2. From Dusk Till Dawn - NIKO S ECHO AND HI PROFILE 
3. Wasteland - (Reverse rmx)VIBRASPHERE 
4. Goldman - NIKO S ECHO 
5. The Highest Point - INFINITY 
6. The Daze - PLASMA CORP. 
7. Habit Inside - NIKO S ECHO 
8. Beyond Madness - MR.SUSPECT 
9. Deep and Blue - HI PROFILE