Compilation - Stay Alive


Compiled by Wega.'Stay Alive', compiled by new Spun artist, Wega. Bringing you the top sounds from the best Brazilian producers, as well as some of Spun Records' usual roster.
These songs are guaranteed to rock the dancefloor, world wide!


1. Las Wegas - WEGA2. Plastik Devils - WRECKED MACHINES, JOTI SIDHU, EDOARDO3. They are comming - WAIO AND DEEPLOOK4. Night Breed - POLI VS MENOG5. Alliance - SCROVINSKY6. Scary Ho - LIFE STYLE AND GMS7. Ruback - (Cosmonet rmx)WEGA8. Leaked Info - 1MG9. 24 Hrs - AUDIO-X10. HAARP - ALTERNATIVE CONTROL