Compilation - Sonika (CD)


Compilation - Sonika (CD) Dinsha Prana Records is back again proudly presenting V.A.- 'Sonika', selected by Teknical Ikon.Teknical Ikon is a Psytrance producer and the label Manager of Dinsha Prana records in Barcelona, Spain.
This time returns making an amazing and unique selection of great new genious producers of the Psytrance global scene. He has collected the best of the current sounds, 9 completely new exclusive and innovative unreleased tracks; from the powerful and legendary Psychedelic Trance sound of Ibiza with Quantica and Creactive, to the seductive, sensitive and warm waves of Brazil with two of the most appreciated and original live acts on the top global music Echoactive and Asteroide.

Travelling through the magical and perfect fusion betwen Full on technics and Goa Trance of Cosmo Circle in Portugal and Argon Sphere in Serbia, to the new mystical revolving sounds in Mexico with E.S.D.

All of them have been compiled this time in 'Sonika' a new rocking and powerful mix between clean and solid bass lines with amazing and deep melodies loaded of energy, new and madness waves breaking the limits of sound technology to a new high level...

With a BPM Range from 145 and 147 'Sonika' is a realy delightful selection music for any Dj who wants to rock any dance floor around the world, as well as a unique and amazing sound experience for everyone who loves and appreciate the best quality sounds in ears... this piece of music cannot be missed in your Psytrance music collection.


1. Chica Atomica - QUANTICA 
2. Losing Memorie - ARGON SPHERE 
3. Modul C - CREACTIVE 
4. Reflections - ESD 
5. Shamanical - TEKNICAL IKON 
6. Singularidade - ASTEROIDE 
7. The Portal - COSMO CIRCLE 
8. Do You Belive In Faith - ECHOACTIVE 
9. Fatality Chaos - TEKNICAL IKON