Compilation - Sonica Vol II (CD)


Compilation - Sonica Vol II (CD) This new compilation produced by Gino, is a tribute to Sonica Festival paid by some of the greatest artists from the past and contemporary psytrance scene.
All tracks have been produced with true passion, friendship and love to support and promote one of the very few multicultural psychedelic freak festival world-wide. Sonica is an itinerant event, taking place each 2 years in the most astonishing Italian landscapes. From the lakes to the mountains, from the waterfalls to the sea, every edition always shows its distinctive features, offering high quality entertainment in a peaceful and respectful human environment.

For those who don't know Sonica Festival yet, this cd will give a taste of energy and sounds that people can feel on the main dancefloor all day long, and for those who've already been at one of its magical past editions, it will recall a sweet memory of joy, happiness and love! Sonica Festival will be back in August 2011! Stay tuned and..enjoy the music!

All the tracks are previously unreleased and exclusively produced to support and promote Sonica Festival.


1. Bombscare - (Perfect Stranger's small vagator mix)TRISTAN 
2. The Pleaides - PLEIADES 
3. Time Warp - BURN IN NOISE 
4. The Thermal Tempest - RINKADINK 
5. Lunar Contact - ETNICA 
6. Burning Heads - GAIATECH 
7. Nothing Less - LIFTSHIFT 
8. Rising the Bar - M-THEORY