Compilation - Solstice Singles Collection 2009 (CompactStick)


Compilation - Solstice Singles Collection 2009 (CompactStick) Baroque Records and Psyshop presents the single collection 2009 on Compactstick. Baroque Records have been searching out exciting new artists, as well as releasing music from some of the best producers on the scene, since the year 2000 and as times move forward we grab hold and, not afraid to experiment, are excited to present this first USB stick album.

By releasing the product on USB stick, we are offering a great reduction in overall cost per track and also providing a physical product to keep the album on for future use should your hard drive ever go to hardware heaven!

22 singles from our rosta of artists, exclusively released on this album, covering everything from progressive and tech house to techno and minimal.

The downright dirty pulsing beats of Sergio Fernandez 'Salvation' and Filth and Splendour 'Evolution'.. the deep throbbing bass led grooves such as Stan Kolev and Dj Lion 'Metlata' and Sonny Wharton 'Foc I Fum'.. and the more uplifting melodies on the likes of Ben Coda 'Shape The Future', Hawt 'Calida' and FM Radio Gods '341'.

This album is an essential collection for the summer months. Just pop it into your pc or mac. rip n grab.. then play to death!

Audios in wav and mp3 Format.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jul. 2009/27

2. Too many faces - JEWL KID
3. Showering Monkey - ANDY NEWLAND, OSICTONE
4. The Cult Three - C-JAY, SVEN HUACK
5. Calida - HAWT
6. Wobble - DURAN, AYTEK
7. Metlata - STAN KOLEV, DJ LION
8. Fighting with InSecurity - VINAYAKA
9. Lighthouse - SAYAN
10. Discobolos - JOHN DEERE
11. Chamber - DELKO
12. Shape the Future - BEN CODA
13. Stabilise - DEF DISKO
14. From Within - DINGLE
15. Bogotta is fashion - (Unplugged Mix)ANDREA SAENZ, ROBOTS MEMORY
16. Evolution - FILTH, SPLEDOUR
17. One night in peppermint - (Re-Zone rmx)JOHN LOCKE
18. Serene - LEVANTE
19. Foc i Fum - SONNY WHARTON
20. Inspired by you - TOM REAL
21. 341 - FM RADIO GODS
22. Lilium - ANDREWBOY