Compilation - Solar Tribes (CD)


Compiled by Armonix and Natron.Matching the current open air season on the northern hemisphere, Solar Tech Records delivers a stimulating soundtrack for the Solar Tribes gathering under the sun.
Actually the 9 tracks selected by Swiss based Armonix and label head Natron represent a perfect acoustic scenery for dusk or dawn. Boosting, deep Psy Trance with a tribal touch, put in a nutshell at 136 to 145 impacts per minute and spiced up by some discreet Progressive quotes.


1. Espelho Dreams - CIMI 
2. Turn Point - COSMO TECH 
3. Seeding - ITAL 
4. Spiritual Incest - M-THEORY 
5. Alcion - TELEPATIC 
6. Seven - JOURNEY 
7. Non Physical - COSMO TECH 
8. Vision Nova - CHABUNK 
9. Hondo Mondo - TULK