Compilation - Snuff


Directed by DJ Transgenic.The global music sector has been targeted by transnational pirate enterprises that fund diverse criminal operations linked to terrorism, drug smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking and snuff film manufacturing. Most snuff films, which are only distributed inside closed circles of very powerful people, are the by-product of the modern slave trade, one of the fastest growing criminal industries on the planet. Its victims are mostly young children and teenagers that are sold for the sinister purpose of sexual exploitation, forced hard labor and illegal human organ harvesting. Approximately 1 million victims are annually trafficked across international borders worldwide, most of them will suffer an atrocious death at a very young age
This compilation is dedicated to all trafficked victims around the world and all the women who have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for the purpose of snuff film profiteering. Their legacy lives on


1. Snuff - BRAIN HUNTERS2. Dr. Stein - IRONSTEIN VS DANI FILTH3. Litt Avskum - ABSENSE4. Antichristvs - SUB-ZERO5. The Harvesting V.2 - DANI FILTH6. Tripple Distilled - IRONSTEIN VS EXCELL7. Blowing up your speakers - DAMAGE8. Pussy Power - HIYAMYZO9. Articulator - ZINX10. Viper - STEREOPANIC11. Evil Men - NRS