Compilation - Small Talk (CD)


Compilation - Small Talk (CD) Small Talk begins a new series of releases from Zenon with the aim of exploring the lower bpm experimental sound inspired by minimal and tech house, but still with that unique psychedelic flavour that only Zenon can deliver. With a mix of Zenon favourites (Sensient, Krumelur, OneTastyMorsel) and fresh new acts (Motive, SourOne) getting deep and experimental, its time to skip the small talk and get down to business!


1. Blocks - MOSES2. Dilema - KRUMELUR3. Tech Message - SENSIENT4. Two more bones - ONE TASTY MORSEL5. Dusty Nostrils - MOTIVE6. Mega Condensor - GROUCH7. Parasight - SOURONE8. Ambiently Speaking - CIRCUIT BENT9. Canis Lupis - MUGGI DANE10. Digit - TRISTAN BOYLE