Compilation - Singular Frequencies


Compiled by by Amplify.Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the newest VA 'Singular Frequencies' compiled by Amplify these masterfully crafted audio super storms are ready for breaking dance floor sound barriers.
The well known mind behind Amplify is Andrew Olavarrieta ex-former member of the world known project Delysid. Exaile needs no introduction. M-Kamikaze is the brother of Arturo owner of Maia Records Mexico he has several releases on very good labels and various tunes with big names like Absolum, Shanti etc. The Clones is Jaws Underground vs Mesmerizer also well known. Delysid needs no introduction. Anomalia newcomer from israel with their new albums coming soon on Push Records. Alienn is a Portuguese guy from Hypergate and Spectral Records he has been on the scene for a while as well. DNI vs X-Avenger this guy DNI is the owner of Ultravision Records and quite known. Brain Hunters needs no introduction. Crazy Tone is a new comer from Israel with their new album coming soon on Push Records. Amplify's style is Full-On Psytrance, filled up with strong production, emotional leads, deeper melodies and fresh new ideas. Bonus Track by Liquid Move newcomer but has a goa mood really nice one from israel living in Barcelona he just released his first album called Cause Of Random.

This whole collection is a top notch 'must have' for all dj cases around the globe! Geomagnetic Records has always selected top quality music and it has guaranteed you a far away copy-paste music but a unique and original style with '10 Awesome New Gems 'available only in CD Format.


1. Klops - EXAILE 
2. Secret Gear - M-KAMIKAZE 
3. Your Choice - THE CLONES 
4. Killer Machine - (Amplify rmx)DELYSID 
5. Night Creature - ANOMALIA 
6. Strong Line - ALIENN 
7. There is many real - DNI VS X-AVENGER 
9. A mind dream - CRAZY TONE 
10. Data Trancemission - AMPLIFY11. Slave to logic - LIQUID MOVE