Compilation - Shamanisma (2CD)


Compilation - Shamanisma (2CD) This compilation consists of two CDs each representing one of two ideals, it displays the cosmic and the shamanic perception of reality. Every note of this magic music brings us into trance-meditation of the full moon and the sunlight at the same time.
The first CD is a morning dance of elves among sounds of goa / suomi / morning psy. This is the shaman's sound like a game between light and shadows among sun beams that are making their way through the tops of trees.

The second CD brings you a magic dance of dreaming butterflies that are flying among the petals of the flower fields with sounds of dub / ethnic / down tempo and other chill out music that is flying away to the sky.

The disk design is done by a guy from Saint-Petersburg- Stokya using the pictures of their favorite artists and friends - Shivanebula and her father. She and Iri (euphoria) created a poet intro into for each disk! The site will be done by their Macedonian friends and mastering.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/42

1. Angels Meditations (Intro) - Shiva3
2. Secret Symbols - Alienapia
3. Shamanizer - Fragletrollet
4. Ugro Shamanistic Movez - Evsy
5. Magic Orchestra - Matimateka
6. Deisis - Omegahertz
7. Back To Source - Spirit Medicine
8. Icky Sticky Dub - Indica
9. Yello - Shiva3
10. Trees Of Psychedelia - Indica
11. The Fool - The Muses Rapt
12. Schnickschnick - Reality Pixie
13. Shamanik - Paper Squad
14. Dovevation For Live - Kukan Dub Lagan
15. Rainforest Evterpa - Maiia
16. Special For You - Pantomiman
17. Om Mahalakshmi - Shangri-La
18. Tribe With Shamans - Lethal Doze, Spayo Ventax
19. Twenty - Yestegan Chay
20. The Shaman Within - Unknown Cause
21. Anterra - Zymosis
22. Talvitalvi (Outro) - James Reipas