Compilation - SOL Fusion (2CD)


Compilation - SOL Fusion (2CD) Compiled by Dj Progressor and Combinations.Groove Criminals Records proudly presents the Various Artsits - S.O.L Fusion Double CD.
S.O.L ('Seeds of Love')is a unique 3 days Festival wich is organized by Progressor and his Psylence Crew and takes place every two years.

The compilation was handpicked by DJ Progressor and CombiNations who carefully selected and arranged both of the CD's. All tracks have been tasted on many dance floors around the world. These CD's present tracks from artists performing at the festival and the styles represented are very varied.

The first CD contains Psychedelic Full On Trance and invites you to explore that musical aspect of the festival, including tracks from Bad Boys (Slider and Z-Machine new exiting project), CombiNations, Ital, PeaceMaker, U-Recken, Materia, ...and more

The second CD introduces a new perspective for Psychedelic Progressive Trance with the flavors of major artists such as Symphonix, Rocky, Quantize, Aerospace, Nok, Ritmo, ...and more

The S.O.L Fusion Festival Double CD compilation gives you the opportunity to share the vibes of the S.O.L dance floors and its grooving, smiling people.


1. Sliding Machines - BAD BOYS 
2. Bounce the peace - PEACE MAKER VS BOUNCE 
3. Hallo Chrisi - COMBINATIONS 
4. DMT Server - (Loud rmx)CHAIN REACTION 
5. S.O.B. - U-RECKEN 
6. Opportunity - NITRODROP VS NOVELTY 
7. Mapu People - ITAL 
8. Brainiac - MATERIA 
9. Feel the vibe - SIRION 
10. Multistop - NOK AND RITMO 
11. Black Rock City - QUANTIZE 
12. City Lights - (Symphonix rmx)ROCKY 
13. Eyes of truth - (Jay and Ex rmx)SENSIFEEL 
14. R U scared - CODE CHAOS FX 
15. Ranger Flanger - FASHION VICTIM 
16. 1 + 1 = 3 - DIAMON